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Any society which passes laws placing the dictates of corporate greed above the rights of ordinary citizens forfeits the ability to call itself a democracy.

Martin Wheeler
August 2001

Personal Comment
15th September 2001


In light of some of the comments expressed on this site, the signature file attached to my personal e-mails, etc., I have been impudently asked by more than one person recently: Whose side are you on, anyway?

A question to which I can only reply by quoting verbatim Professor Robert Jensen of the University of Texas at Austin:

I am on the side of peace, not war.

I am on the side of justice, not vengeance.

I am on the side of the people -- no matter where they live -- who will suffer the violence; not the leaders -- no matter where they live -- who will plan it.

And most important, I am on the side of hope, not despair.

We do not have the luxury of despair right now. There is too much at stake, for too many people.

Martin Wheeler
15th September 2001

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